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Volunteer & Travel: Social Safari Experience

The Social Safari Experience (SSE) is a 15- or 22-days group trip which offers a unique combination of volunteering and traveling. We designed a day to day program and each day offers adventurous and interesting activities.

On the days of volunteering (in various projects) we actually work at the project (not just visiting). The goal of the work we do on the days of volunteering is that we are able to complete the work within the available time. Example: we repaint a class room, we take children with disabilities on a fun day out, we organize sports and games for street children.

The SSE is a fully guided trip, with the tour leader staying with and guiding the group the whole time. The program consist of days of volunteering, a safari (3 days in Uganda and 4 days in Malawi) various excursions, day tours and some free days.

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