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Partner with us

Doingoood distinguishes 3 types of partnerships:

  • Partnerships with projects
  • Partnership with agencies based in Europe who like tos end volunteers to one of our programs in Africa
  • Partnerships with local entrepreneurs and service providers

Partnerships with projects

Doingoood receives many requests for partnerships from projects in Africa. When opportunities to add new partners to our network arise, we will personally meet with the Project management to gain full understanding of the objectives and activities of the project.

Doingoood volunteer work works with small, local partners whose projects have the objective to support people into a self sustainable future.


Partnership with agencies

We offer volunteering and internship opportunities in Uganda and Malawi. We run our own organization and manage all programs, in these countries, ourselves. We have a Dutch volunteer coordinator on the ground who receives volunteers and interns, introduces them to projects, we host them at our own accommodation and our coordinator is 24/7 standby. The coordinator is fully committed to deliver the best possible services to volunteers and interns. We collaborate with locally founded charitable projects.


Partnerships with service providers

Are you a local service provider in Africa and would you like to collaborate with us? We are committed to working with local service providers in order to boost the local economy as much as possible. Currently we work with service providers in the field of:

  • Safari
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Community Based Tourism
  • Excursions and day tours

Should you be interested in offering your services to us, please send an e-mail to ineke@doingoood.nl