Abroad Internship

Maximize your potential! An abroad internship offers you a chance to develop yourself in your future profession while working together with people of another culture. A very enriching experience in many areas of your personal and professional development.

You can choose from abroad internship projects in the field of:

  1. Education
  2. Health Care
  3. Orphan care (crisis shelter)
  4. Community work/ Social work
  5. Eco/ Wildlife

How does it work?

  • Choose your favorite project and check if you meet the requirements
  • Minimum duration of an internship should be 4 weeks, maximum duration 6 months (due to visa requirements)
  • We will accommodate you in a comfortable hostel where you will meet other international travelers, interns and volunteers
  • Our local (Dutch, from The Netherlands) coordinator will receive you from the airport, takes you around in the city, guides you how to use local public transport, introduces you to your projects, visits you at your project to check up on your experiences and will be standby 24/7 in case of any challenges or emergencies
  • Prior to departure you will receive an extensive information brochure that includes all you need to know about your destination that will help you prepare for your trip

We work with charitable projects that are depending on donations. Therefor there will be no compensations paid to interns. All interns are required to cover for their own cost:

  • Fee to Doingoood which covers all costs for accommodation (breakfast included), guidance from our local coordinator, transfers and administration.
  • You book your own airplane ticket
  • You are responsible for your own visa expenses, proper insurance and vaccinations/ malaria medicine

For more information, advice or prices please send an e-mail to info@doingoood.nl