Welcome to Doingoood!

Doingoood volunteer work is an organization that provides services to people who want to volunteer in projects abroad. Our current focus is on projects in east Africa in Uganda and Malawi. At these destinations we have our own operation with our own Doingoood staff on the ground. This guarantees you the best possible personal guidance and assistance during your stay in Africa!

The founding of Doingoood volunteer work arose from an idealistic objective: the desire to support projects in developing countries.

We are committed to making an impact in local communities. Our coordinator manages our good, personal relations with all local charitable projects and supervises the programs in which volunteers participate. Doingoood is operating under the highest possible standards. We acknowledge and have implemented the Guidelines for international volunteering and we are committed to contribute to marginalized communities through exchange of knowledge and offering community based tourism initiatives.

  • “I just need one word to describe the experience: SUPERB! It was simply great to see the children enjoying the activities that we organized. The safari was great as well but it doesn’t compare to volunteering. The Doingoood coordinator is really involved in the whole program and takes care of everything from A to Z. I am definately coming back!”


    Erwin Smolders
    November 2015
  • “I have lived my dream: providing medical care to people in Uganda. A drop in the ocean? Well, maybe. But that is no reason not to do it. Many drops can become a large stream after all”


    Lydia den Hartog
  • “Doingoood is a great organization with great people! I very much appreciated that our coordinator was always ready to assist us. I loved to see how she did her work with all of her heart. I have enjoyed 4 months in Malawi to the fullest! Tionana!”


    Joy van der Vlist
  • “I am looking back on a great time in Malawi! My project was great, I got very good personal guidance from Doingoood, my fellow volunteers were wonderful people. Volunteering is a once in a life time experience that will last”


    Ellen Uittenbosch
  • “Doingoood makes sure that you are well prepared for the experience and that you know what to expect at your project. The local coordinator receives you and introduces you to the daily life so you’ll get used to local customs quickly. The assistance of the local coordinator is of an extraordinary quality and her enthusiasm and compassion is contagious”


    Ben Maartense



A journey in Africa with Doingoood is unique experience that enables you to work closely together with the local people at charitable projects. You will learn a lot about the culture and how the locals live their daily lives. In your free time you will have plenty of opportunity to discover the highlights of your destination. Join us on an unforgettable safari and spot the ‘big 5’. Or sit back and relax while enjoying the warmth of the African sun on your face. And be prepared… Africa will amaze you. You’ll definately want to come back!

Uganda is a small land locked country located at Lake Victoria in east Africa. Uganda is also called ‘The pearl of Africa’ because of it’s beautiful nature. The almost distinct mountain gorilla finds it’s last piece of habitat in Uganda. Uganda is a green country with beautiful mountains, lakes, savannah, tea plantations and millions of banana trees. Ugandan people are friendly and will give you a warm welcome in their country. Doingoood is based in the capital city of Kampala. We also offer one wildlife project near the gate of Kidepo National Park in the northern part of Uganda.

Malawi is a small, land locked country bordering Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. It’s crystal clear Lake Malawi offers exotic white sandy beaches and good opportunities for water sports and snorkling. Doingoood is located at the capital city of Lilongwe. We also offer volunteering opportunities in Cape Maclear, a small town at Lake Malawi. Malawi is also known as ‘The warm heart of Africa’ because of it’s warm and friendly people.

Kenya is a country in the eastern part of the African continent, bordering Uganda in the west, Tanzania in the south, Ethiopia in the north and the Indian ocean at the coast line. Our projects are based at the coast in Mombasa, the second largest city of Kenya. Mombasa has a warm and humid tropical climate where you can enjoy white sandy beaches. Kenya is well known for the many national parks where the ‘big 5’ can be found while on game drives for spotting wildlife. ‘Hakuna matata’ is a well known phrase in Kenya, meaning ‘no worries’. Kenyans are known to be friendly and welcoming people. Doingoood partners with great projects which we know for a long time. Volunteers in Kenya can look forward to a great time in heartwarming projects!